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You’re coming to hypnotherapy because coping with social anxiety has become too much to bear. You spend too much time and energy worrying about things that haven’t happened yet and may never happen, like people talking behind your back at a social gathering. You create movie scenes about the future with the actors of your life wondering, “Why is she here? She shouldn’t be here.”

The fear of judgment is always present and you’re constantly worried about what will be said about you, so you avoid gatherings with family and work meetings. People have started giving up on inviting you out and you’re starting to feel lonely and like you’re never part of the group.

Even though you have goals and you know you’re capable of achieving them, doubt still creeps in when you go to apply for a new job or a promotion. It’s hard to imagine going to an interview and having to look people in the eye.

My Approach

Hypnotherapy is often used when people have benefitted as much as they can from talk therapy, or for people who want something different than traditional talk therapy.

During sessions, we’ll focus on where the anxiety comes from and what the pain is underneath. Our work is focused and to the point.

Hypnotherapy is not a cure, a fix, or magic. But, my clients can expect to feel better after each session. Every client is different and every session is different. The therapy is based on each client’s individual needs and experiences, and not one-size-fits-all.

Our goal is not to get rid of anxiety. Anxiety is a protection mechanism. The goal is to get out of the unhealthy anxiety loop that prevents you from living your life, like going to your child’s school event, work meetings, or your family’s birthday parties.

My Goals

I guide my clients to stop the overthinking anxiety loop that keeps them from sleeping, making eye contact, and participating in social events.

You’ll learn how to recognize when you’re starting to feel anxious so that you can interrupt the anxious spiral. Eventually, this skill of interrupting the thoughts to break the cycle becomes natural and you’ll stop seeing problems everywhere.

Through our work together, my clients can expect to stop hiding in a corner away from the threat of talking to anyone and finally feel like themselves again. You’ll be able to do things you used to be afraid to do, like smile and say, “good morning” to a stranger on the street or colleagues at work.

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