About Me

Celine, a compassionate hypnotherapist, first found her true calling as a teacher, spending an enriching seven years nurturing and supporting children and young adults aged 11 to 18 through their unique challenges. Despite her dedication to education, Celine’s path took a drastic turn when she faced the daunting trials of burnout and an emotionally abusive marriage. These dark moments became the turning point that propelled Celine into the profound realms of hypnotherapy, reiki, meditation, and yoga.

My Approach

Through her own voyage of healing, Celine unearthed the immense potential of hypnotherapy and reiki, coupled with the deep-rooted benefits of meditation and yoga. These holistic modalities not only liberated her from toxic relationships but also fueled her lifelong ambition of residing in the serene landscapes of Ireland.

My Goals

Today, Celine thrives in her newfound home in Ireland, fully committed to guiding others on their journey of self-discovery, fostering self-love, and nurturing unshakable confidence to help them unearth their authentic selves without the weight of guilt. In addition to her hypnotherapy practice, Celine offers transformative Reiki sessions and empowering mind coaching, harmonizing her expertise to deliver comprehensive support for individuals seeking personal growth and emotional renewal. Celine’s narrative stands as a vibrant testament to the transformative power of self-care, unwavering resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of a life filled with purpose and authenticity.

I offer my services:

My Services: